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Jun 22 2010

Is the FCC’s “Third Way” the Right Way on Net Neutrality? Or a Dead End?

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Since our last post on net neutrality, the debate has focused on the administrative questions as to who will set the guidelines for internet regulations and how those regulations will be implemented.  Since the D.C. Court of Appeals ruled that the FCC did not have the authority to regulate Comcast’s network management practices under Title I of the Communications Act, as predicted, the Commission has sought alternative ways to reclassify broadband services in order to extend regulatory authority over ISPs under the Act.   Last week, by a 3-2 vote, the FCC moved one step closer to reclassifying broadband to reestablish authority over ISPs.  In its meeting, the FCC released a Notice of Inquiry to seek comment on the proposed changes for broadband regulation.  Continue Reading »

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Apr 21 2010

FCC’s Net Neutrality Initiative Suffers Body Blow, But is Still Standing

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Earlier this month, the DC Court of Appeals dealt a blow to the FCC’s “net neutrality” initiatives when it held that the Commission did not have the authority to sanction Comcast for employing network management practices that targeted users of P2P applications.  However, by basing its reasoning on a straightforward (and not surprising) interpretation of the Communications Act of 1934, the Court’s decision cannot be called a knock-out and it is likely that we will see a tactical shift in the FCC’s efforts to implement net neutrality regulations. Continue Reading »

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Feb 19 2010

T.V.iolations Everywhere?

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With all of the attention “TV Everywhere” is getting, it is not surprising that the most recent scrutiny is coming from public interest groups that are claiming the TV Everywhere platform (under which cable providers will offer their subscribers access to the content on screens outside of their homes) presents significant antitrust concerns.   Just two weeks after Comcast launched X-Finity, its version of TV Everywhere, several public interest groups petitioned the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission to investigate perceived antitrust violations.  Free Press, Media Access Project, Consumers Union, Consumer Federation of America and New America Foundation’s Open Technology Initiative are among those who have asserted that the TV Everywhere model is anticompetitive because it  will cause a rise in prices, divide markets, tie products and threaten new competition.   Continue Reading »

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